Teaching Myself R

Emily Farris
2 min readApr 9, 2021


2020–2021 is a weird year to be on sabbatical, and with my university slashing academic budgets — I had to readjust my expectations during my leave. I decided one area to focus on was better teaching myself quant methods and various tools, including learning R.

A few people have asked for resources on how I’m doing this and other resources I’ve hoarded this year, so I figured I’d write up a post for them and myself. The caveat is that I am obviously not an expert (you just read that I am teaching myself…) and my general approach was to try to learn anything, not everything (a corollary of progress, not perfection). So, this list is by no means exhaustive or expertly compiled. If it is missing your favorite resource, you can suggest it to me, and I’ll consider adding it — or make your own list! :)



Data Vizulation Books and Resources